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Are you perfect in creating website themes? Sell them! Who knows how many people would be willing to pay for your design. You can build your own website to market your themes or upload them to marketplaces like Jootree. We only take 30 percent commission from every sale you make but at least you would get to tap a large audience.

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Sell downloads such as WordPress, plugin, theme, templates, software. Think of bloggers and businesses who need plugin to make their website content more engaging. There are plenty of them. And most of them are in constant need of your plugin.

If you have the passion for creating WordPress plugin
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You can try to make professional works because there are countless of businesses thriving online. Some had unexpected success. Some had even grown into unicorns. The digital items we featured in this post could be your instrument in living the entrepreneurial dream.

Sell Downloads As A Freelancer

Become a freelancer and start Selling downloadable products from home. Start writing for people or doing creative works for business owners. There are thousands of business owners on our platform you could help.
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